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Memtest is a RAM memory tester for Windows computers
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Memtest is a RAM memory tester for Windows computers. The standard (free) version of Memtest is rather limited. When you first start the application, you will see a small screen asking you how much memory you want to test. The ideal value here is the total of your memory. If you are troubleshooting your computer for RAM problems; that is. The tests that this application carries out are rather limited, too. It will attempt to write dummy data in the memory and analyze the whole process. Most RAM problems happen in the last part of your memory, so that's why you might want to test it all. It will carry out the same test several times to assess the degree of failure that your memories are suffering, if any. If your memory fails, Memtest will not say much about it. It will only say that your memory number "X" failed. You should not take this test alone as an absolutely sure way to know when a memory is failing. Also, there are no reports whatsoever that can help you pinpoint the cause of the failure, so you pretty much are given an answer but no explanation. You should quit every application before using memory testers.

José Fernández
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