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Checks your RAM memory for stability issues and hardware problems
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Checking the health of your RAM memory as well as its utmost performance is a system maintenance task that we tend to overlook. MemTest has been designed to perform that “simple” task in the most straightforward way. Without the bells and whistles of other system utilities, this tiny and affordable tool checks your RAM memory as thoroughly as it can be done, detecting anomalies that most similar tools simply can’t.

Its barebones and utterly outdated interface won’t catch your eye for sure, but GUI design is not what this program is about. It’s all about performing a deep check of your RAM, regardless of its size, in order to alert you about any hardware stability issues that may make it crash occasionally. The tests that MemTest performs on our RAM cells try to assert their ability to store many unique bit patterns and check how correctly they hold them over time.

What makes this technique different from that of similar tools has to do with the type of errors that it is capable of detecting. While most memory tests focus on errors that appear immediately on your RAM, this program checks also for long-term errors that may show up only under very specific conditions. That is why, for more thorough and accurate results, you’re recommended to run this program for a long period of time, i.e. overnight. MemTest usually checks only that part of your RAM memory unused at the time of launching the test. You can also check only a chunk of it, but the chances that some possible errors go unnoticed will increase proportionally.

You can run as many instances of the program as cores present in your processor. Each of these simultaneous tests will check a part of your RAM memory, and all you have to at the end is extrapolate the results to the entire RAM installed on your system. This option will save you lots of time. Note, however, that while the test is in progress you’ll see your PC’s resources dwindle dramatically, sometimes to the point of making it unusable – hence the recommendation of running the program at times when you won’t be needing to use your computer.

MemTest is a simple one-task system utility that does for your RAM memory what your BIOS and most other system optimization tools can’t – to make sure that all of your RAM cells are functioning as expected. It may not be the most attractively-designed Windows program out there, but it does work – its tests and error reports are as reliable as they can be.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows for multiple copies test to test your RAM simultaneously
  • Thorough memory tests
  • Suitable for RAM memories over 4 GB
  • Allows you to select specific amounts of memory for testing


  • The test takes up most of your system's resources
  • Barebones interface
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