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Memtest is an extremely small tool for diagnosing your RAM
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MemTest will help you check your computer’s memory in order to test its ability to correctly store information. It comes as a small, lightweight and easy-to-use utility which will perform various "read/write" actions on your RAM. This is useful for diagnosing possible computer problems or for preventing permanent hardware damage.

Given the fact that MemTest is a quite small tool, you would expect it to run flawlessly, yet it comes with many drawbacks. To start with the less important ones, I want to mention that its graphical user-interface is anything but impressive. It is actually a small window that contains 3 buttons, and you are not be able to resize it.

Another disappointing aspect about MemTest is that it offers no access to settings. Practically, you cannot configure it in any way. The only thing you are allowed to change is the number of RAM megabytes that you want to be tested. Also, the program requires a lot of time in order to return accurate results. You will need to wait for at least 20 minutes in order to get relevant information regarding the state of your RAM.

Honestly, I don’t find MemTest of any use, so it’s up to you if you will give it a try or not.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fair price


  • It comes with no settings
  • Rudimentary user-interface
  • It requires a lot of time to perform the test
  • The main window cannot be resized
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